transport Bengi bv

transport Bengi bv 

Transport Engine Parts

On board overhaul and repairs often require a lot of very well organized logistics. And usually time for these in situ works is limited. Therefore, spare parts, tools and other materials needed, need to be delivered on site fast and in full. Delays and omissions are unacceptable.

Over the years Bengi has gained massive experience in global transports. With 12 logistic agents across the world we are able to fast forward large and heavy engine parts and specialist tools and equipment. And through the same network we provide our principals with a very reliable and fast parcel delivery service. Either through the air, over sea or via (rail-)road.

For all domestic and international transports, we pack all heavy and voluminous parts in wooden boxes to make sure parts will not get damaged during transport. All of these boxes are handled according the international standard ISPM-15.

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