Spare parts from stock

Our biggest strength is our stock, which consist of a great variety of spare parts for Wartsila, MaK, MAN and Hanshin Diesel marine engines.
We keep stock of over more than 65.000 consumable and major spare parts, including new complete engines. From the smallest to the larger parts, we are able to supply.

We also stock a large range of electrical parts such as sensors, cables, governor controls, engine shut down module, etc.
Over the past 25 years we have experienced all kind of urgent situations and have proven to be a reliable
partner. Our no nonsense mentality allows us to think in solutions only.
Our team is ready to serve 24 hours a day.
All spare parts are ready for transport and can be shipped the next or even the same day.
We take care of all logistics needed to transfer spare parts from our warehouse to the vessel.

On board, overhaul and repairs often require a lot of very well organized logistics and usually time for these in situ works is limited. Therefore spare parts, tools and other materials needed, need to be delivered on site fast and in full. Delays and omissions are unacceptable.


  • L20 
  • W26
  • VASA32
  • W32
  • W34DF
  • W38A/B
  • W46 
  • W50DF


  • M20
  • M25
  • M32(C)
  • M43(C)


  • LH28
  • LH31
  • LH41
  • LH46
  • EL44
  • LF58 


  • L16/24
  • L21/31 
  • L27/38 
  • L32/40 
Bengi Warehouse wartsila, mak
Bengi Warehouse wartsila, mak