Bengi Electrical Repair and Parts from Stock

Our electrical engineers are experts in their line of work. They test, calibrate and repair the electronic components of marine-engine instruments and control units. Once arrived on board these technicians act as troubleshooter and they address all and any kind of electrical problem or issue on board.

• Test, calibration and modification of electric components on marine diesel engine
and -control instruments
• Test, calibration and modification of a large range of electronic devices and
equipment on board marine and offshore installations

We stock original electrical spares as well as high quality OEM parts for:
Wartsila L20, W26, W32, W38A/B engines.
MaK       M20 and M25 engines.


bengi Electrical repair

electrical wartsila 32 parts                                                                    electrical wartsila 32 partselectrical wartsila 32 parts

Project : Build of a New Switchboard