New Electrical Engineer: John van Mourik

John van Mourik is a well known electrical service engineer. He has worked for almost 25 years for the company Croon.
John is experienced in all kinds of electrical projects. Recently John decided to work for Bengi B.V.

Together with electrical service engineer Jilles Visser, every electrical problem can be solved.

Troubleshooting is their daily work, even from a distance.

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New Machining Engineer: Tonny Koster

We are glad to inform you that Mr. Tonny Koster has joined our company since October 2015. Ton is a specialist in machining engine blocks, for 12 years he has worked for the company Wartsila as a service engineer specialized in machining in situ.

The machining works can be viewed under:

'Engine repair'/'Machining in situ'


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