Spare Parts Warehouses

Bengi supplies a great variety of original as well as OEM parts and parts suitable for Wartsila, Hanshin and MaK marine engines. All directly from our own stock. Over the past 23 years we have specialized ourself in the maintenance and repairs of Wartsila, MaK, MAN and Hanshin diesel engines. For these engines brands we stock over 63.000 consumable and major parts, including new complete engines.

We also offer Bengi Stock Service (BSS). This service provides our customers with parts whenever needed and wherever needed on the globe. Our customers may store their overhauled or re-conditioned or even new spare parts in our warehouse from where we send it to where customers need these parts. When participating in BSS, customers are given a unique log-in and password that provides them with access to our on-line stock control system. Thus owners are able to check and control their own stock of spare parts around the clock. This service is a very useful tool to reduce downtime due to mechanical failure of parts. Additionally, all parts are labeled and valued which is useful for reporting and financial reasons.

Furthermore, we take care of all logistics needed to transfer spare parts from our warehouse to the vessel. Wherever that ship is. To achieve this, we work around the clock in two shifts. Orders received during daytime are packed and dispatched during night shifts. So, spare parts are shipped within 24 hours.

Transport of parts has the same priority as repairs. For all domestic and international transports, we pack all heavy and voluminous parts in wooden boxes to make sure parts will not get damaged during transport. All of these boxes are handled according the international standard ISPM-15.

In case you have a particular inquiry, please contact our sales representatives at our head office in the Netherlands.  +31 (0181) 617 374 or

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Warehouse no. 1 - Spijkenisse - 3400 square meter - New and recon parts.

Bengi Warehouse spare parts

Warehouse no. 2 - Spijkenisse - 1400 square meter - Packing consumable parts 

3 Used Wartsila 6 Cylinder L20 Engines / Spares

Wartsila 6L20Wartsila 6L20_Wartsila 6L20

New/Unused Wartsila 8 Cylinder L20 Engines / Spares

Wartsila 8L20

New/Unused Wartsila 9 Cylinder W32 Engines / Spares

Website bengi magazijn, motoren 020New Wartsila 32 Engine blocks

New/Unused Wartsila 6 & 8 Cylinder W26 Engines / Spares

New/Unused MaK 8 Cylinder M25 Engines / Spares


Reconditioned Engine Blocks under class & Engine Blocks ready for reconditioning.